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My Fall List

My Fall List

I love fall. I guess that can be surprising since I’m always praising sun and summer. But fall is my not so secret favourite season. There’s nothing like the leaves turning, that special fall light, crisp air. Living in North Carolina was really great climate wise, and I loved how the two transitional seasons were so long that fall kinda slowly just eased into spring with winter as a little blimp in the middle.

Fall gives me that feeling of renewal and starting over that is usually associated with the new year. I guess it’s a remnant from being younger, when fall signaled the start of a new school year. I think maybe it’s the tangible sense of transition. Maybe that’s what makes me so giddy, and makes my head spinning with ideas and motivation. Nature just changing right before your eyes and giving you a little nudge, like, “you can do this, too.”

Today it’s grey and dark around here and it really feels like fall as the leaves are coming down from the trees with every gust of wind. The kind of weather that’s inviting more hours at home. I’m a big introvert and once that sun glides a bit lower on the horizon, it’s like a sign to my monkey brain that it is time to hibernate, and I better make the cave cozy. So today, since the inside of my head can get a little overwhelming when there’s to many ideas in there, I sat down and scribbled down my goals and hopes for the season. Some of the items are finishing off projects that were abandoned during the summer months and outdoor playtime and some are to remember to take advantage of the season, because fall sure does not last as long around here as it does in the South.

I’m curious; do you have a little list of to dos or goals for the season? Let me know.

Here’s mine!

  • choose + hang new curtains in bedroom 

  • organize laundry room + linen closet

  • play mini golf

  • plan pop ups for Makamashi

  • make pumpkin soup

  • hang art in bedroom

  • hang mirror in livingroom

  • update gallery wall in hallway

  • go apple picking 

  • read a novel 

  • go through closet + swap winter and summer clothes 

  • invite more guests 

  • maybe! tackle the stairs. (maybe).

Monthly Playlist: October

Monthly Playlist: October

This weekend... #3

This weekend... #3