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This weekend... #3

This weekend... #3

It’s here! The fall light. The sun is just a little bit lower in the sky and it’s golden and different and is usually the first sign that the day light hours are about to change. The light started changing late last week and then as if on perfect cue, the weather changed over this fall equinox weekend. Good timing, Mother Nature, good timing. Thursday I was wearing a summer dress and Saturday I threw both a sweater and a jacket in the car as I left and I couldn't quite figure out the temperature. I ended up wearing both. Layered. And while I hope that we didn’t skip the glorious period of being able to just wear long sleeves or a light sweater with jeans before we head into layers and winter coats and the like, I’m pretty glad that fall is here.

These past couple of weeks have been so fast and so slow at the same time. Like everything has been thrown into the air, is whirling in a vortex, and finding it’s place again. There’s a certain smell in the air, everything feels crisp and new, and the fall magic is motivating and moving everything forward. As in some sort of universal synchronicity, today is also a full moon. Time to renew and release. Yes and yes.

Back to the weekend, where I have:

  • met new friends! I’ve been really craving more girlfriends and it’s manifesting in the most magical ways.

  • randomly had a tarot card reading for the first time. O M G ! that was a special experience!

  • eaten a lot of carbs. I’ve started a diet today and I just felt like there were some things I had to give a little goodbye hug in my belly. Pancakes and pizza, especially.

  • decided on new (actual) black-out curtains for our bedroom.

  • made so many lists. Projects, plans, wishes. My head is overflowing and I need to get things down on paper.

  • done four loads of laundry.

  • moved all the plants to the living room for a cozy sleepover while Justin hibernates in the bedroom during the day.

  • had a haircut. I DON’T want to talk about it.

My Fall List

My Fall List

Delicious Daal

Delicious Daal