Some Thoughts on the Concept of Home

What is home? And what does decorating have to do with it?

My personal quest of finding home since leaving Denmark six years ago has been a catalyst for sharing everything that home is to me now.

My sense of home has changed so much over that span of time. From the feeling of home being intrinsically tied to a place, moving 7000 miles away from Copenhagen made me very aware of what it feels like not being home. Then I met a person who, since I looked into his eyes the first time, made me ready to abandon time and place, knowing that with him I’d be home anywhere.

These days my feeling of home comes from a deep anchoring into myself. Through the years, my idea of home has changed from a physical location, to a person, and to now feeling like I have finally returned to what was there all along; a deep sense of belonging, of groundedness and upliftedness all in one, and all within me. I’ve found home in the intersection of being human, temporary and physical, while also universal, ethereal and eternal.

I truly believe the feeling of home is mostly inner work and connecting to that deep part of you that belongs in the universe across lifetimes. But even though we might be light beings made of stardust and all that jazz, right now, we’re here on Earth to have fun and make it home for the time being.

I believe your home is your base. In my space, I try to infuse a sense of comfort, connection, and belonging.
To be honest, I’ve struggled with the superficial and surface-like nature of design and decorating and the commercialization of ‘home’, because truth be told, you don’t need any specific thing. It isn’t something that can’t be bought. But if you, like me, are drawn to aesthetics and find that it brings you joy, well, let’s have fun with it. I think having a place that speaks to your soul and being surrounded by things you truly love in many ways can set the stage for your life.

Beauty and design, both in nature and manmade, get me so excited. Maybe it’s some recognition of creation and the universe’s constant expansion, but what do I know. I’ve recently gotten to the conclusion that beauty, and the joy and excitement it can bring, is enough. It’s reason enough. And I think if our physical space can somehow channel that inner sense of grounding and remind you of reconnecting with it, being a space for recharging and supporting that inner sense of belonging, it’s pure magic. It’s my belief that this sort of magic is what makes a house a home.

Noticing, curating, and collecting pretty things makes me happy. I know that this fires me up, it excites me and helping you find your way home is what I hope to do.